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How are ya. I bought mine on June 29 and I like it so far. I wanted something to learn on and then upgrade later. It handles well, has OPAS which helps steer it if one of your kids shut down the engine accidentally, and cruises at about 35-40 mph. Not very fast, but for a beginner, how fast do you really need to go? It's really choppy here in the Chesapeake Bay, so I can't do more than 20 mph anyway without having it jump all around.

The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a variable trim system (that I can see) and the front rides lower and sinks in when you're idling. This results in more spray from the waves. Me, I don't mind it. you're supposed to get wet on a jet ski. But I would like to know how to adjust my trim... Email with any questions.


I forgot to mention that it has no trouble towing tubes, wakeboarders and kneeboarders. Plenty of power...
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