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Aug 18 '19

Some of you have noticed virtually all modern pwc mfgs. warn in their manuals against towing at anything over slow speeds.

The problem is the way the cooling systems are set up - towing, beyond for example, 5 mph in the case of Yamaha; 13 mph in the case of the new SeaDoo Spark; water can get into the motor's innards, quickly destroying it. Not covered by warranty!

You can buy a valve called a WAVE EATER that goes in line in the cooling system's water hose. Only problem there is you have to remove the seat and partitions/bins to get at it each time you go from "run" to "tow". See WARNING below!

One of our experts made a suggestion that appears to work well - but, again, let's remember how critical this is if you forget!

An ordinary car heater control valve ( 4 SEASONS Heater Valve Part No. 74828) has an operating lever that the WAVE EATER does not. I mounted an ordinary "push-pull" type choke cable on my ski's dash, "snaked" the cable down to the valve, now installed on the cooling water line.

Now I can easily change back and forth, depending on whether we are actually using our ski, or towing it behind our boat when going up-river and/or to a camp-site.

WARNING - if you forget to have the knob in the correct position ( on mine - "in for tow,,,out for run" you WILL ruin your motor!

So - I've just added one more warning for responsible ski owners you already have to deal with...don't operate in water so shallow you can suck up abrasive materials into your pump, and don't forget to change engine oil per instructions so as to avoid the risk of major damage there.
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