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My wife and I have never owned a jet-ski until inherited a Kawaski 1100 zxi last month. After draining and refilling fuel and oil, and cleaning out carbs/reeds, it would not start. No spark. After reading this forum, and the many suggestions, we came upon the cure:

Because it had been sitting so long, with the kill switch in the "kill" position, the rubber boot inside of the kill switch cover has molded itself permanently into the "kill" position. All you need to do is take out the three screws, unscrew the plastic nut, and the kill plunger will be allowed to pop all of the way out, allowing spark.

We took out the boot (for now) and it starts and runs great.

We will order a new boot and make it right.

Just wanted to post this here becasue I share the frustration of many of you who have older or stored jet-skis that won't start becasue of no spark.

Might check out this boot, and that the kill switch plunger pops all the way out when attempting to start.

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