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I just purchase two used Yamaha waverunners....A '93 waverunner and a '96 waveraider 700. No manuals were included and it has been at least 20 years since I have used/maintained a PWC.

Can anyone give me some good suggestions/pointers as to what should be checked and performed on each ski after a days ride??...How about a good "checklist" for BEFORE and AFTER riding each ski for the day.

Thanks to ALL for any help!!!


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Here is my checklist (done before my turn on the ramp):
1. Check gas level (and injector oil if 2 stroke)
2. Drain plugs in, cover off
3. Put lanyard on and start ski for 10 seconds (very embarrassing to get ski in water and not have it start).
4. Rear tie downs removed, wench strap connected
5. Trailer harness unplugged
6. Personal gear on (sun goggles, life vest, gloves, booties)
7. Cooler with drinks/snacks in ski. Cell phone, camera, etc. on ski
8. If I have a helper I put them on the ski before I back down the ramp to help direct, and back the ski off after I've unhooked it.

For 4 strokes check engine oil level after engine is warm during the ride.

After ride:
1. Hook up wench strap and load ski on trailer
2. Pull away from ramp
3. Remove drain plugs (sometimes not necessary if no water in bilge)
4. Start ski and rev for 10-15 seconds to clear water out of engine.
5. Put on tie downs
6. Reconnect trailer harness
7. Leave cover off if ski is wet
8. Fill with gas on the way home to be ready for next ride.

At Home:
1. Flush and rinse ski (if used in salt water).
2. Spray components with CRC or Crossion X (if used in salt water)
3. Inspect hoses and clamps
4. Inspect cables and connections and lubricate as needed.
5. Let ski dry completely and then put on cover
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