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I bought a SLT Polaris 1997 780 Waverunner...Can anyone tell me if there is any problems at all with this Waverunner that I might have to look out for..? This is my first Waverunner and want to make sure I know what to look out for. One other thing is this a good Waverunner???? Please give feedback...Daryl:rolleyes:
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SLT 780 Polaris Waverunner

Hello this is Daryl and No I only have one Gas tank and one oil tank. I sure hope I made a good decision in buying this waverunner. One question can a person start the waverunner with out it being in the water? And just let it run a little bit? I would like to know if it will start, I never heard it run yet. I will take some pic sometime and send them.....Thank you and would you send some feedback on my questions please.....Daryl
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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