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I have my first Jetski running. Over the winter I picked up a '96 Kawasaki 900 zxi. It needed some electrical / mechanical work. Have done that and took out for a ride. Awesome. As a sailor and power boater I always considered jetskis to be part of the mosquito fleet. But I have to admit it is fun. On to my question. On my boat I have a Yamaha outboard. Dealer is adamant that I run Yama-Lube oil only and that I use Ring Free. The ring free is to prevent carbon buildup, which is usually what will kill a 2 stroke. They also recommend a decarb process using the Ring Free at a rate of 2 oz per gal to "blow out" the motor every year or so. Anyone have any experience doing this with a Jetski? I'd like to try it on the Kawi as I have no idea how many hours are on it. By the way, I removed the oil pump and I just mix the gas/oil 50-1 in the Kawi.

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