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Discounted Polaris Parts

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Polaris Factory parts are being discounted by 10%, shipping on sales over 125.00 is free (48 states of course). Jay is getting things set up at his site.
For now just give them a call and ask for Jay, he'll get you taken care of. 732-920-7669
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Jay's offering up a Matrix head with interchangable domes.
Fusion reed setup with stuffers for triples = $227.00

SLP 2" Flow Rites = $17.50

Don't Forget that free UPS ground shipping to 48 states for orders over 125.00 under 30 lbs. so stock up.
I ordered a fuel pump $350 I got no discount or free shipping from

ADA Head Kit

It looks like a nice set up

On eBay.:D

First time using this forum or any for that matter. Just bought a 2002 Polaris Virage TXI 1200 direct injected pwc from an auction. I need a TPS sensor for it. Can anyone help, prefer new, will settle for used.

I have seen guys use tps from a GM vehicle. Send me pic I might be able to give you a part # if no longer avail from Polaris.
sl 700 will run only when battery first charged 1996 polaris
Got a 96' 780 SLT that keeps randomly going into rev limit / govenor mode, and we checked the tank fuse, sending unit, etc... wondering if it could be a faulty brain? Any help to narrow it down much appreciated
2000 Virage 1200 3 cyl.

Looking for used or new CDI unit. Any help??
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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