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I agree

Hi, I'm also new to this forum and I'm finding very little activity on it. I guess everyone is out enjoying their pwcs.. Anyways, I had a similar problem although my sons didn't just stop. It was running fine, left it at the dock for about a week and when he went to use it again, it wouldn't start. Again, it was running supper for a few weeks, starting right up. At this point she wouldn't even turn over, so thought it was the battery, replaced it. It had good spark, but I did notice that the plugs were soaked. Gas/oil, and WATER!!.. You can't compress water with a piston. Anyway, I followed another post's suggestion and turned it over with out the plugs to clean all the water out. put the plugs back in got a back fire and more water. Then after cleaning it out the 2nd time, she fired right up. Don't know if you have similar problems. Also I have no idea on what caused the water to get in the motor. My son swears he didn't flood it.. So we'll see where it goes and keep our eyes out for this problem again.

I've also attempted to get a response back for what might have caused this problem, but I got no responses.

For information on where parts are located on your pwc, a local dealer in Maine has a good parts finder.. Here is the link.

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Good Luck.
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