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Well i was out riding mi Stxr this weekend just doing some test,,, i noticed that she wasn't reving out completely i had the throttle squeezed all the way but no matter what the craft wasnt goin anywhere, So i thought it might have been something sucked up in the impeller. So i checked it out and it wasnt anything. so i continued to run it like this thinking that the problem would have worked it self out. Then all of a sudden i heard a loud bang and i started to hear something being burned to a chrisp....The eingine sounded like i had taken off the muffler and the engine room was full of smoke... Took her back in to the shore and found i that i but a hole in the bottom of the Engine BLock...

Anyways so now i am looking for a solution, I am planning to put back an engine in it but i have no idea what to look or ask for.... do i have to buy back a whole engine? or just the bottom parts that have a hole.... If i do have to buy back an engine doesnt it make sence just to get a engine thats bored and ported? If i have to get a new engine i want it to be fully modified, for limited/superstock racing ,, is there any company or person that can build me an engine 4 me? Any information would be great Thanks
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