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I am about to water test 2 Seadoo's that we are thinking of buying.

#1 2000 GSX 110 hp rfi. 70 hrs total time 5 hours since complete engine rebuild. 4800.00 including trailer and cover.

#2 2001 GTX 130hp 330 hrs total time runs great, serviced by marina every year. Owned by an older lady who always has her grandkids with her and runs 1/2 throttle cruising the islands here. 4000.00 including trailer and cover.

I would like to know what typical top speed (by my GPS) and rpm should be for both PWC's and perhaps 0-30 times?

Is there a resource online somewhere that has this performance info?

I prefer the looks of the 2001 GTX but am really not sure if 330 hrs on this engine is a time bomb ticking. There seems to be lots of conflict as to what constitutes a high hour machine according the searches I have done.

I will be doing a compression test on both machines and assume that 150psi with less than 5 psi variance is good. What is the minimum psi I should look for? My gauge is a snap on that is calibrated so it will provide a true reading.
I also have a quality leakdown gauge and regulator and a portable compressor that I can bring to the test. Is a leakdown test worthwhile on a 2stroke @ tdc or will the compression test tell the story? I plan on taking the compression readings after it has been test ridden to make sure the storage fogger oil is burnt off.
Perhaps all this is pointless since 330 hours is time for a preventative rebuild regardless of engine health?
I would really like to hear your opinions on this since I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on the 330hr GTX.
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