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(This is a long-winded post -- I've tried to be as detailed as possible)

I purchased this ski new in March, 1996. Shortly thereafter, the following mods were installed and are still installed to this day:

= Aftermarket flame arrestors
= Tony Doukas Racing aluminum waterbox
= Solas single-scoop intake grate

I still have the original flame arrestor/air intake assembly and waterbox and am 99% sure I still have the original intake grate. I still have the original owner's manual, little gas filler hang tag that explains break-in pre-mix requirement and dealer assembly instructions, all in excellent condition.

I've always used Polaris oil (switched to Polaris synthetic when my dealer started carrying it). The last couple of times I rode it I topped off with regular (non-synthetic) Polaris oil which is what's in it now.

In 2001, the caged needle bearing on the rear piston's wrist pin let go and took that cylinder out -- I had it replaced with all new Polaris parts (new cylinder, piston, rings, piston pin, gaskets, bearings, etc.) at a cost of almost $1100.00 with labor. I've ridden it only a handful of times since then, and never since 2002.

It was parked in covered storage for a while but was exposed to the elements for about 18 months. The purple seat vinyl is faded, but not torn. The aqua foam around the handlebars/MFD is faded and the color is missing in a few spors. The MFD works (although I recall it being dim last I checked). The pads in the footwells are almost completely gone as the adhesive was loosened because of the standing water. The gel coat on the inner portions of the footwell (where your inner and outer ankles would hit while riding) is damaged at the "water line" where the water was standing. All the decals are there, but some are faded. The handgrips are missing. The rub rails have the expected scuffs but are all intact. The hull itself has some scratches with one gouge in the very bottom along the keel where it starts to go up toward the deadrise (i.e. the part that would hit the ground first should the craft be beached) It's probably about the size of a silver dollar and looks to be about 1/8" deep at the deepest -- it honestly concerned me but it's not "soft" in any way and it was ridden for quite some time after the damage with no problems at all. The reverse system was damaged at the dealer while the engine was being repaired, so the reverse "bucket" is new. The steering feels the same as the day I bought it.

This was ridden an honest 98% of the time in fresh water -- I took it out in the ocean MAYBE twice when a friend of mine also had a ski.. he sold his shortly after I got mine and it was freshwater lakes and parks from then on. I was religious about rinsing everything inside and out and flushing the engine after every ride. Everything under the seat was sprayed with WD-40 to prevent rust, of which there is none.

Mechanically, aside from the engine repair performed in 2001, it's in good shape. I cleaned the carbs and installed a new battery and it started up after 3 or 4 tries. I replaced the following parts in early 2007:

= Fuel filler cap, inlet and seal (Polaris)
= Thermostat, pop-off valve, compression spring and O-ring (Polaris)
= Fuel level sender float (Polaris) I recall getting fed up with trying to bolt the tank back down after this repair so I suspect there's 1 bolt, if any, holding it in place.
= Bilge pump (Rule) I spliced the new wiring into the existing connectors that go into the black box, soldered the connections and covered them with heat shrink tubing.

This ski is kind oif a betweener -- it's mechanically too good to part out but might be a bit to ugly for some to ride as is (though I'd have noproblem taking it out as is). There are no leaks of any kind (oil, fuel or water). The cylinders were fogged several times during storage.

The trailer is in very good shape. In early 2007, I rewired the entire thing from 4-pin flat connector to the lights and replaced the small side lights and the rear tail/turn lights and license plate bracket. The tires and wheels are new and have maybe 25 miles on them.

The ski is currently in a garage about 15 miles from my house. I will get pictures soon and will gladly answer any specific questions to the best of my ability. I am willing to meet any prospective buyer up to 50 miles away from zip code 33029 -- SW Broward County, Florida. It is titled in my name and it'll only take me a day to get the original as it's in a safe deposit box.

If you're interested or have any questions, please feel free to PM me here or e-mail me at ronadams (at) bellsouth (dot) net. Please put Polaris SLT 780 (or something similar) in the subject line so I see your e-mail and reply as quickly as possible. I'd like to get $1000 for everything -- even as a parts donor there are TONS of good, working items that are becoming increasingly more rare (i.e. working MFD).


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