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I have a F12X that I have been working on for months. It belongs to my son in law and when he bought it used, it had been sunk and the engine was locked up. I rebuilt the engine and the turbo and it ran poorly. I discovered that a Honda turns backwards and reset the cams, it ran poorly. Then the shaft in the turbo sheared so I fixed that and it ran poorly. By poorly I mean that it wouldn't turn more than 3600rpm. I did a compression test, it tested low, so I pulled the head again to look for bent valves or a bad head gasket. Turns out that that problem was my gauge. When I got it back together, it wouldn't start. I tried things and checked things for a week then took it to a dealer to find out the problem. I was told it needed an ignition pulse generator so I pulled the engine again and installed it. Now with it all back together, it won't start. It starts and runs fine on starting fluid, but the injectors don't fire.
The dealer tells me if I bring it back, they'll be happy to charge me again. I removed the main relay so I can change it, but I don't want to just start throwing parts at it. The test procedure seems inadequate not to mention very difficult and expensive. The dealer tells me a new one is $200 with no guarantee. Any ideas?
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