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first jet ski...what to look for? model/year--late 90's early 00's modest budget
hey guys first post on here. looking to get into a ski (i've ridden some tigersharks when they first came out and have a jet boat with a 175hp merc in it) anyhow i'm looking for a couple of skis to ride mainly on a larger (600 or so acre) inland lake. what models should i be looking for? sporty single rider models (i have the boat if i want to take a few or pull a tube/skier) i'm partial to sea doos but for no reason. is there a year/engine that is better then another? i'm not looking for flat out speed (fast is always better :) ) but just something to have fun with, get me and my girl on a ski (looking to get a pair) and not break the bank (hence the late 90's early 00 time frame) what kind of $ should i be spending on a pair with a trailer? i'm fairly mechanically inclined and my uncle is a ski-doo mechanic so i have the resources to fix/maintain an older ski. open to suggestions other then sea doo.
i've done some searching but couldnt find answers to what i asked above, if i missed something gentle! thanks
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