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I went to a dealer he had a 2008 YAMAHA VX1100-H 125hr with trailer for $5000 . 125hr is allot of hrs . how many hrs will a good 4 stroke engine get ??

i am looking for a pwc for ocean fishing and just hanging on the beach .
what would you recomend ???


The Yamaha VX is a popular machine with the rental companies. It is not unusual to see them with 600-900 hours and still running fine. Several poster to this and other PWC forums have machines running fine with 500+ hours. If the VX you are looking at has been well maintained you may have a good deal there, but shop around. You may be able to find a nice FX with trailer for nearly the same price.

As far as fishing goes, you may want to op for the FX which gives you a larger platform to work from and to mount various stuff to. Check out Jet Ski Brian That guy does a lot of salt water PWC fishing and could give you the best advise.
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