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Well, I finally got my GP760 running... Took it out yesterday, and today. It has some obvious fuel delivery problems.

First, the front carb wasn't delivering fuel. So I revved it way up, and shoved a rag in it. That seemed to do the trick for that problem.

Now I am noticing, and have seen others complaining about the fuel system losing its prime, or taking forever to get it.

This thing sat for almost 2 years, so I changed the fuel filter... There is now all kinds of black scheiße in the new filter. I guess I am going to take the tank out, and clean it. While I have that out, I have to find out why the fuel level gauge isn't working.

I am not going to complain at all, because this thing was given to me. The engine was locked up because of piss poor maintenance. There was a ridge of surface rust at the top of the cylinder wall on the front cylinder. Took care of that with a razor blade, and a shop vac. Once I got it fired up, I was pleased to find it had 56 hours on it. Being a 1998 model, you could say it was hardly ever used.

Once I finally get this thing to run right, I will move on to the Riva rideplate, and intake grate.

All things considered, it was a good weekend....

Any other ideas?
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