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New to PWCs but thought there might be related knowledge / skill to motorcycles, with which I have some experience.

Got a JetSki project a few months ago. It runs but has a few 'non-critical' issues. Been hunting parts and fixes for a 2003 Kawasaki STX-12F (JT1200-B1) :

  • MIRROR-ASSY,RH,M.N.BLUE (Ref # 56001B) 56001-3720-C6
  • LOCK-ASSY (Ref # 27016) 27016-3757
  • METER-ASSY,MILE&KM (Ref # 25031) 25031-3736
The mirror housing is Ok, just the inside mounting point has broken plastic and the mirror glass and backing are gone.

In the lock assembly the legs of plastic handle have broken off of the lock assembly mechanism. I might be able to epoxy this back together if I don't find a cost effective replacement.

As far as the meter / gauge assembly goes, I haven't diagnosed it other than observing that it's unreadable.
Previous owner said that it got water in inside of it.
Is there a shop that the meter assy can be sent to for refurb ?

Would like to find those parts as salvage items because new parts seem pretty pricey.
A few hours of Interweb searching hasn't turned up much other than a few eBay items which so far don't seem compelling pricewize.
I thought that PWC parts would be as plentiful as motorcycle parts ... but evidently not.

Even seemingly small projects can turn into a bit of a slog :)
I'll get this baby patched up real good soon.


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