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I just got my kawasaki 98 1100 zxi out of the shop like three weeks ago. I have taken it out about three times this year. My last time did not go as planned.

I was jet skiing around when I noticed that my jet ski was slowing down and that I was starting to sink. I looked in the engine compartment and it was taking on water. To make a story short, I jumped off and it got pushed to land but it took on a lot of water. At the boat dock, it sank rear first and only the first tow feet were sticking out of water.

I had a big hole in the bottom of it.

Anyway, I researched and took out the spark plugs and tried to flush the water out. At first it was kicking out lots of water but now, I think its only kicking out some gas(at least it smells like gas)

I got some new spark plugs also and put them in

The motor will turn but it wont crank and start. I dont see the spark plugs sparking but I got zapped by the cable when I was holding it while trying to start it.

I am kind of lost about what to do now. I took the top off the carb to let it air out. I was thinking of buying some stuff to help start engines and spraying it down there while trying to crank it.

otherwise im just going to take it back to the shop and let them deal with it.

Any other ideas?

thank you :D
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