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When the cowboys in Titan's team last week against by code number, a face frustration wade wright-phillips, not to the referee, but to his team, when players errors, courtside phillips head again, the goal is the next super bowl in nine years but cowboys the worst start. Steelers jerseys

Although under two years in wright-phillips division, and in the playoffs last won a victory, but stupid die, for the first month of the downturn to his job performance, but the crisis owner jerry - Jones still trust him, but the boss is only useful ideas, and the players are also support phillips DE, captain markus - will and Everett Jason - neville tenghui represents the players, they on Wednesday in an interview that coach constantly encourage finally can inspire the best players, he said: "he is calm, every performance, I feel that the boss let a person be at ease, he is planning to win, we must unite, now more than ever, I'm coaching a critical problem not easily, but the team in a hard cowboys, in my opinion, he is quite in handling difficult situation." Will is the most prolific defense, also have the trust, he described phillips coach "not only own strong, and let the players strong."

Shaun wright-phillips has been working in the , as coach and 34 years, he fought for three place is an excellent defensive coordinator, January, before he remains the most active coach regular-season games, jerry Jones for his performance are also know when to send a new contract. Wright-phillips don't think now's tactics and squad needs big change, they all have a problem of defeat in the fourth quarter, shows that the players or very hard, phillips said: "we can hit the decision results, we have the ability to do, but we always make mistakes, but also bad luck, sometimes the ball toward the direction for our team, but I still in very promising victory will come soon,". wholesale jerseys nfl
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