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fouling plugs after 2 hours

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2001 sea doo gtx rfi i bought ski with 44 hrs now 52 hrs in that time have went through way to many plugs probably 5 sets had it at the shop they said clogged fuel injectors replaced at just over $200 When i bought i drained fuel tank added stabil and fuel inj. cleaner and octane boost with 87 octane fuel is there any adjustment on oil injection. this is off the wall but what about gas to the oil tank to thin out the oil.
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Well you have learned something! HOPEFULLY! clogged inj. will not cause a rich condition, it will cause a lean cond and will most of the time send your ski into a limp mode which will damper your RPM to about 4000. yes ther is an adjustment on the oil pump but you need a svc manual! If you get it to lean you will scorch a cylinder! better be rich than to lean, remember you need just enought smoke so you can see and smeel it, not kill mosquitos!!

that is the cost of a blown motor after injesting water and breaking the connecting rod. has anyone heard of insurance paying after the boot on the shaft leaked and filled engine compartment and it injested water and broke the connecting rod and hurt the cylinder.
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