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Hello From Texas, I found a 96 Waveventure 1100 that I am considering buying, 62 hours, pretty clean, runs hooked up to a water house, but I would really appreciate help on three items:

1. When hooked up to a garden house and started, it really seemed to smoke alot compared to a big two stroke outboard, for instance. Might soem of this have been water vapor? Do these skis over oil sometimes? sign of some other problem? the engine really sounded good, but lots of smoke. I would be happy to go to premix.

2. Would checking the compression or some other test be useful, or is there anything on this particular model i should watch out for?

3. Owner wants 2500$. 62 hours, no sign of mechanical repairs inside, has been covered in leaky shed, no sun damage, some mildew on deck, some significant dock scratchs, looks ok, trailer ok, assuming compression ok, is 2500$ a fair deal or high, given the stinky economy these days? thanks in advance !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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