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My fathers friend had two 2004 polaris virages on a boat lift behind his house that havent been ran/touched in over a year. So the guy offers them to me for free because he simply doesn't have the time or need for them anymore. Now this all sounds amazing except for the fact that one of them got pulled off the boat lift during a hurricane and was found about a half mile away 2/3 sunk. He pulled it back to his house drained the water from the engine compartment and then they sat for a year. Now the greatest part of this deal is that they came with a trailor, he will pay taxes on them, and he will pay for any parts needed to get them running again as long as he is able to use them whenever he wants. So, I get them back to my house, pressure wash them, and scrub them down to see exactly what im working with. I pulled out the batteries and the spark plugs, the first ski (the one that didn't sink) seemed okay, throttle was a bit sticky but nothing a little PB blaster can't take care of. The Second one (The one that sank) seems like its going to be a lot of work, after pulling the battery and plugs, I check the throttle, completely locked up, I spray it down (PB blaster) and it freed up a little. Since this one was 2/3 underwater there is a good chance water got into the enigne. I pulled the boot off the crank and gave it a twist, With the plugs out I can hear what seems to be a gallon of water slushing around lol. So my question is, What can i do to get this water out of the engine and crankcase? And How do you get the starter out of these? I forgot to add, They are 2004 Polaris Virages 701cc 2cyl carb. Thank you ahead of time for any replies or help......
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