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Check out the texalium in the pics! You can see that the PVA hasn't been wiped off the part or mold yet (dull look on part) and will look better once wiped off with water. These pads look sweet and are good and strong. Prices are $150 trimmed out, or $100 untrimmed (as shown in pics). Turf not included but can be for $20 on a trimmed out part. Chinpads in pics are rough trimmed and is how they are sent if bought at the $100 price. These pics are of an untrimmed pad on a RRP pole. Not much more to trim though. Notice how the texalium shows nicely from the back side of the pole. I also took a pic of the inserted tab under the pad......nice tight fit. Chin pads will fit OEM, UMI, AC, and RRP Handpoles. Alluminum brackets and mounting hardware is included. PM me if interested.



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