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We are taking a trip on jet skis down a long river with no fuel avaible. Thus we need to do some planning. when I asked this question before (what is the fuel burn of jet skis) I got the following information.

Note one says 30 mph and the other says 35 mph. Does anyone know who is right ???

From page 16 of June 2002 copy of Personal Watercraft Illustrated;
Honda F12 uses 4.1 gallons/hour at 30 mph
Honda F12X uses 5.8 gallons/hour at 30 mph
Yamaha FX140 uses 5.0 gallons/hour at 30 mphI was only thinking of the HO, not the 140. In '04, Honda updated the ECM and the ski gets better gas mileage. From the same magazine last year...
Seadoo, watercraft world. gtx foretec 4.6 4 stroke .

Per Personal Watercraft Illustrated:

35 mph cruise:
Honda F-12X..........3.1 gph
Kawasaki STX-15F...3.7 gph
Yamaha FX HO........4.5 gph
Sea-Doo RXT..........6.4 gph

WOT (wide open throttle):
Honda F-12X..........12.2 gph
Kawasaki STX-15F...10.2 gph
Yamaha FX HO........10.8 gph
Sea-Doo RXT..........15.9 gph


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