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Hey everyone... Got the water out of the cylinder and the plugs are all clean and gapped.

This is on a 93 VXR Pro with a few perf mods.

Fresh fuel all the way to the carb. Blew out the lines, filter and tank and filled with fresh 91 octane.

Hit the carb with some ether... BAM~! Cranked right up.

Then it stopped.

BAM! Cranked right up!!!!

Yep... then it stopped.

I'm almost certain it's the carb.

is ANYONE in this area versed on how to rebuild and dial in a carb to get it running right? I will pay for someone to fix it right.... But the dealer said it would be two weeks till they could get to it. I expected that since it's summer and all... I wasn't mad, just bummed! LOL

If anyone can help me out SOON and not take me for all the $$ I've got... give me a ring. 949-892-9274.

Thanks in advance. I will be in Dana Point for the rest of the day... I will be bringing my waverunner with me.

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Ok now... don't all call at once!!! LOL :laugh:

Anyway... I got tired of waiting. So I tinkered.

I figured out how the carb worked as I went. The only things I DIDN'T remove were the choke and throttle plate assemblies. Everything else came apart in fine fashion... WHAT FUN!

As I took more and more apart... I was getting disappointed because everything "seemed" like it had that fresh 91 octane running through it... Jets were clean and clear... idle and trim needles were clean... diaphrams pumps and reeds were spotless (learned all these terms tonight :D )

VOILA!!! Eureka!!! Found a little brass assembly just under the "fuel pump" cover that had a little springy arm thingy on top of it... it didn't move "before" I took it apart. But once I took it appart and cleaned all the brown caked on goop off of the pin (has a rubber tip on it) and the little housing it was in... PERFECT!! When I put it back together it moved freely. The schematic said this was called a "needle" And judging the position it was "stuck" in, I believe it was stuck in the closed position... Yay!! Maybe that was stopping fuel at that particular place in the carb??? It moves up and down smooth as silk now...

I cleaned'er up real gud-like Paw!

So... I will update on whether that worked or not. I will be trying to crank her up tomorrow sometime. Wish me luck!!!:rolleyes:

To bad I work tomorrow... cuz if I DID fix it... it's gonna bug me for a week till I have time off to ride it!!! I feel like a kid again waiting to get out of school so I can ride my new bike!

A new question for Y'all... if it DOES start up (cuz you KNOW it will!) Is there a "basic" setting for those two mixture screws? Something I can start with and adjust from there? Like "tighten all the way down and back off 1.5 turns" Or is that something that should be left to a mechanic? Thanks again in advance.

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Wow... I seriously didn't think this thread would go uncommented on!!

Hmmm... Oh well.

Anyway. I fired it up today. Cranked right up!

And stayed running! EXTREMELY rough and what I'm figuring as very rich... being that it sucked and smoked at idle BUT was a raped ape after about 1/4 throttle.

I'm sure it's WAAAAAAY out of adjustment since I messed with the two little screw needles on each side of the carb...

I took it to the Dana Point harbor today. It ran a bit rougher than I'd like at idle... but OH MY FREAKING GOD the wide open was just plain stoopid!!!

No joke... I wasn't ready for it to lunge like it did... yep, got bucked right off the back! LOL Then five minutes later I went over the handle bars after I hit a wave too hard and was leaning too far forward... Oh my gawd I was having a blast... and getting wetter than hell! That's a little "get wet" boat isn't it!!! LOL

Well, I'm home... with sore wrists and sore thighs... oh so worth it.

Thanks all for your helpful suggestions and timely replies!!! :laugh::laugh::dunno:

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Congrats on getting the Ski running.. The lack of replies may be due to the fast paced race for everyone to get to thier own destination for the Holiday.
However, It seems the lack of replies has created the answer to the problem itself.

I too have a thread as a Noob and with the holiday, I haven't expected too many replies. However, the ones I got were good ones. They've helped tremendously.

I wish I'd had some info that might have helped. Enjoy the ride and the Holiday.

Richard Z.
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