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Fuel Gauge

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I am new to this site, I had problem with my 1998 Sea Doo SPX's fuel gauge stuck at low all the time even though when filled up gas tank. Some where in there I read some thing about fuel gauge or fuel baffle were bad. Is there a fuse that controll the fuel gauge? Is any body had this problem like me? Thanks in advance.
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If it reads low all the time I would bet that the float in the baffle no longer floats and is sitting in the bottom of the fuel baffle. SeaDoo sells the float seperately. It's not a difficult task but I would try to use up most of the gas in the tank before working on it. Dealer would probably charge you about 1.5 hours labor plus parts depending on how full the gas tank is.
Thanks ED M for the info.

I will try to take fuel baffle out to see if the float stuck or not. Thanks.
Here's a helpful tip buy a sharpie marker and mark each of the lines you remove from the baffle to aid in reinstallation. I use a clean rag to wipe any fuel residue from the lines. On the fuel baffle right below each line is marked to where the line goes i.e. ven = vent, res = reserve, ret = return, and on well it's on.
Thanks again ED M,

You are very good and I am very sincerely appreciated with all the info.

Ed M,

I replaced float in baffle but still not working. It read low all the time, now between fuel gauge and fuel baffle pick up unit. Which one of this will goes bad? Thanks.
You may want to call your dealer and see if they have a fuel gage tester. The shop I worked at had one. You unplug the baffle plug in the tester and test that the gage works at three different readings. Only takes a couple of minutes and we didn't charge just to do that (your dealer might). I'll go to the dealer this week and look some info up. Out of about 90 fuel gage issues I've worked only one was actually the gage. About 60 were float issues. I'll get back to you.
I found some info for you today.
The fuel gage receives 12VDC from the VTS gage. You will have to remove the panel on the bottom of the hood to access a 6 pin wiring connector. Disconnect this connector use a multimeter to verify the purple wire coming from the VTS gage is providing 12 VDC when you put the dess key on.

To test the fuel baffle disconnect the 2 pin connector in the wiring harness.
Connect a multimeter to the 2 pins on the baffle side.
Fuel tank is full the resistance should be almost 0 ohms.
Fuel tank is 3/4 full the resistance should be close to 29.8 ohms
Fuel tank is 1/2 full the resistance should be close to 47.0 ohms
Fuel tank is 1/4 full the resistance should be close to 65.8 ohms
Fuel tank empty resistance should be close to 90.0 ohms
The wires on the other end of the connector actually also go to the 6 pin connector you may want to do a resistance test of these wires between the 2 pin connector and 6 pin connector to see if there is a bad wire or pin causing a high resistance (low fuel) reading.
Since you have already replaced the float if the resistance readings at the baffle 2 pin connector are way off then it is a new baffle you will need.
Hope this helps.
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