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I am putting this in the general area instead of Kawasaki specific because maybe someone with another type of ski has had this issue.

I have a 2006 Kawasaki STX-12F. It is fuel injected and ran great all last summer. Winterized it and in April got it out, fired it up and it ran great for a short while.

I then noticed a bogging down and lack of power. I never did replace the plugs and figured I should do that.

I changed the plugs, put in some injector cleaner and fresh gas and rode around a bit. Still bogging but I thought I'd just keep riding in the area and maybe it would work itself out.

A few minutes later it stalled and I cranked it a bunch of times trying to restart. I sat a few then tried again and it sounded like the battery was dead.

Towed it back and found it was fuel locked... all four cylinders were full of fuel. Messed with it the rest of the day then put it on its dock and went home.

This weekend I went down and found the hull FULL of fuel. Several inches deep! I pulled the ski out and drained the fuel, cleaned up and again found the cylinders full of fuel. With the plugs out it would crank and shoot the fuel in the cylinders out until clear. Went in for some lunch, came out and the rear two cylinders full of fuel again.

Anyone ever seen this?

Seems like there is a siphon sort of and pulling fuel directly into the cylinders.

I'm at a loss.
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