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I have a 2003 waverunner, fx140, fx1000-b,
Recently, It has started showing an incorrect fuel amount. It will show when its full, but soon after driving, the fuel level gauge drops substantially (and I know the tank is mostly full).
When its about 3/4 full (actual) , it registers about 1/4 full on the digital gauge.
I have removed the fuel assembly and checked the ohms resistance range.
Looks like It goes from ~15 ohms to ~150 ohms.
But, when I manually move the float from Full to 1/2 full, the resistance jumps a lot when moving from 15 - 30. Does this indicate the resistance sensor (board) is going bad. Ind does anyone know how to keep the jetski in (accessory) mode, and not crank it, so I can troubleshoot the fuel sensor assembly and the fuel gauge ? Thx for any help. Gene
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