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fuel problems 2004 yahama xlt 800

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when i got it carburators were in back tub taken apart rusted and missing parts. bought another set off 1998 xlt 800. rebuilt with mukuni kits. jet on top 1/2 turn out both carbs, bottom 1 3\4 turn out on mag side 1 5\8 on pump side. port closest to engine i have hooked up to fuel line the one in front of it i have hooked up to return line. I don't apear to be getting any fuel. if i squirt fuel into carb it will run but doesn't seem to be drawing any gas. primer bulb doesn't seem to be pulling gas. either. I pressured tank till i had gas coming out of hose but that didn't seem to help. while i had it running buzzer was going off and 'fuel' was flashing on gauge. new to pwc so any help would be apericated. KC
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low fuel warning when it says fuel and light flashing
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