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Yuriy Litvan
Northeast Wireless
[email protected]

I would like to introduce myself to the PWC community by offering a huge SALE on the Full Wave Audio System. I am an authorized dealer for all full wave audio products and otter box waterproof Ipod / Iphone cases, located in Philadelphia, Pa.

More Detailed information, including install pictures and videos can be found at:

Don’t wait till the summer is already here, have your ski ready for the summer months with a great quality and most importantly great sounding Audio System. The Full Wave Audio systems are FULLY WATERPROOF, not “water-resistant”. The Full Wave Audio amplifier only draws 3 amps @ max, so you can enjoy hours of your favorite tunes without worrying about being stranded with a dead battery.


The Full Wave Audio system has an unconditional 3 year warranty! Fully warranted against water intrusion and corrosion from salt water! It breaks, it gets replaced.

The 4” Full Wave Audio system is the most popular unit for personal water crafts, due to its size. Larger speaker and amplifier combinations are also available for boating applications.

● 4” Speaker setup:

- 4 Ohm 80W cont/300 W max 90 dB 50Hz –19kHz Freq +/- 3dB

● 7” Speaker setup:

- 4 Ohm 80W cont/300 W max 92 dB 35Hz –19kHz Freq +/- 3dB

● 6x9” Speaker setup:

- 4 Ohm 80W cont/300 W max 92 dB 35Hz –19kHz Freq +/- 3dB

● 10” Speaker setup:

- 4 Ohm 100W cont/400 W max 94 dB 30Hz –16kHz Freq +/- 3dB

The standard Full Wave Audio Kit comes complete with everything needed to install in your personal water craft.


The 4” Full wave audio kit includes the following:

● 2 PWC 4 inch Speakers

- 4 Ohm 80W cont/300 W max 90 dB 50Hz –19kHz Freq +/- 3dB

● Fully WATERPROOF amplifier

- Audio cable with 1/8” jack

- Two pairs of bonded speaker wires

- One 2-conductor gray power wire

- One 6-conductor gray cable for control switches

● One on/off push button switch

● Three Momentary push button switches

● Zip ties

● 8 Mounting screws for speakers (#12 – 1 ½ inch)

● 4 amplifier mounting screws (#6 – 1 inch)

● Two ¼” ring terminal connectors (16-14 gauge)

● Installation manual

If you don’t want to risk your expensive Ipod or Iphone on the water, this great WATERPROOF and SHOCKPROOF Mp3 player is available as well. The Soundwave mp3 player is great to use with your Full Wave Audio system with its 2 gigabyte inbuilt memory

Pricing as follows:

● Full Wave Audio kit: $520

● 2 additional Full Wave Audio speakers: $230

● Soundwave mp3 player: $85

Prices do not include shipping costs.


As a special promotion, I am currently offering a combination set of:

● The Full Wave Audio Kit

● 2 Additional Speakers

Total of a 4 speaker system for:


Installation services are also available for Philadelphia and surrounding areas! Inquire for details!


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on march 2nd I sent you 767$ and up to now i am still waiting for parcel, u said u sent it on friday 12th via DHL but u cannot provide tracking number u said its lost, u said u will send it again tomorrow on 19th march friday, please send tracking number, as soon I receive goods i will reply with positiv feedback, thank you

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Beware of this "authorized dealer"

he is NOT an authorized dealer for Full wave audio products. I ordered a kit from him and more than a week goes by before he tells me that UPS "misplaced it" it finally shipped out and it came broken! the package looked to be in good condition and seemed almost as if it was broken before he packaged it.
I called him to try and resolve the issue and i just got the run-around. he finally told me that a replacement speaker was on its way and would be here monday, it is now thursday and still no speaker... and he will not return my calls!
When I called up Full wave audio out of Ft. Myers, FL they siad they had never heard of him and he is not an authorized dealer.
I have been dealing with this for over 3 weeks now and its just a big headache, I would reccomend to everyone just to buy directly through the manufacturer. If I did that in the first place, I would have ended up saving money by now.
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