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Each team has to prepare for the new season to start training camp time, although most teams have identified the list of the new season’s lineup, at most only need to consider the allocation of playing time, but the team probably still would invite some more joined the list of free agent outside the camp, in addition to easy training, but also to observe the players ability and suitability for this role, but the season in a temporary or other factors for the emergence of the wounded combat capability gap, but also from training camp before observed over the players to find a suitable replacement players. reebok nfl jersey

But this year the team training camp invitation list for the action will be more active, because a new rule change, teams start their respective season’s NBA Development League Development League) squad, they will also be invited to training camp list related.

From this season onwards, the teams training camp in the list can be eliminated in the final three players in obtaining the consent of the player, you can not pick and economic development alliance to join the team and direct the development of their respective

This approach can be more close to the team, and their interest in continuing to observe the player development; on the other hand it seems, it also can strengthen the team and the NBA Development League team interaction. nfl jerseys wholesale china
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