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Hi everyone!
Newbie to the jetski world. I have recently purchased 2 yamaha Fx SHO 2011, with 67 hours on the clock.
and took them out for a ride and within 10 minutes of high speed throttling noticed that one of them had the warning light come on with a loud alarm sound. Noticed that the heat sign had come up on the dash.
long story short took the jetski out and did some research: no visual debris stuck anywhere, checked the thermostat and it looked quite bad kind of black and corrosion on it, so changed it.
Had them back in the water again. And same alarm goes off again after 5-10mins of speeding. Checked for codes and it is 01. Which i guess means (Normal)?
Had to bring the ski out of the water, while in the water waiting for my brother to bring in the truck to tow them for about 10 mins the alarm went off on its own. its same as when i launch it in the water there are no alarms as im waiting for him to park his car and come back to join me. but as soon as we start revving them and start catching speed the alarm is in. Moreover, since both are Same SHO we compared the water flow while flushing them and they both seem fine. Any thoughts on this? Anything else i need to do? Maybe look elsewhere? Much thanks!
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