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FZR Break in time

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Hey all,
Heres my first post :)
Anyways, I've got a 2007 FX HO Crusier and just picked up the new FZR yesterday, anyways my quesiton is..... how long is the break in time on the FZR? I recall on my FX HO Crusier it was 3 hrs below 30mph. but i might be wrong, anyways what do you all recomend for breaking in the FZR??

much appricated,
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mazy just listen to the advice on the other site and youll be good to go......
This forum doesn't suck there's just not as much material..time wiil make it better.. Dave, mazy is refering to It's well established and has a cult following such as myself, ive been there for years

My screenames. RDH give me a shout
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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