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I have a 1996 Kawasaki 750cc STS. I am looking into a 2004 Sea Doo GTI LE RFI.

How much horse power does the Kawasaki Have?

The Sea Doo has a Two-stroke, twin-cylinder Rotax® Fuel Injection R.A.V.E.™ exhaust, Water cooled, 782cc, 110hp

Now I have several questions here about the two machines..

1) and most importantly,can anyone tell me how much gas mileage I am getting with the Kawasaki (roughly) and what I would be getting with the Sea Doo? I need numbers. I thought I remember reading that old Kawasaki's get like 2.5 mpg but maybe I am wrong. What is better on gas a 2 stroke engine or a 4 stroke?

2) Right now with the Kawasaki I have to mix the gas with 2 cycle oil and its a real pain. So would I have to do this with the Sea Doo and if not what is involved with the oil now, like how often would I haveto change or add more?

3) How fast does the Sea Doo go? Top speed (roughly)

4) WHat is a better engine a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke. I am going to use it to just cruise around for like 15 minutes a time as I own a camp so I am not on it for the whole day. I want to go fast but 50mph is fast enough as the water ususally gets pretty choppy. So do you think the Sea Doo engine as well as the ski in general would be right for me?

5) What do you think I could get for the Kawasaki? Like I said it is a 1996 in good condition with 750cc engine with a rebuild engine in 2005. We purchased it in 2006 for $3,000 so I was thinking $1,500. Too much? Too little?

I thank you for reading and answering the questions in advance. The most important thing here is the gas mileage and the oil thing. I need to convince my uncle to go in with us so he needs to know what were getting now and what we would get. If you don't know but know a good article website or magazine that would also be helpful. Thank you again.
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