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GREAT SITE :appl:!!!

We've recently purchased:
1995 Bombardier SPX
1996 Bombardier XP

Both were garage kept and seem to be in great condition but were not used last year. So wanting to get them ready for the 2011 season. Based on my reading we need to:

* Replace Fuel lines
* Replace Fuel Filters
* Remove and clean/rebuild carbs
* Replace spark plugs
* Replace injections lines as needed. Ensure there are no cloggs etc.
* Install new batteries I'm sure.
* Perform Pre-Season items noted in owners manual.
* Once running insure injection system is working properly. One suggestion which I thought I would use was putting premix in the fuel tank (75:1) and filling the oil tank and after 40mins on or so on the water check the level in the oil tank to ensure its working properly.

Ok my question: because both these ski's have sat for a while should I lubricate the cylinders with something before I try to start the engines?


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Yes you got it. Most just pour a teaspoon of oil down the spark plug holes before starting a motor that sat long.

Yes you can run 75:1 in your fuel along with the injection but I don't think it is necessary because your just wasting oil and can gum your carbs up. Check all your oil injection lines and when you first start the machines look to make sure the exhaust is smokey, if so the injection system is obviously working.
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