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Go ahead, rip on me... I deserve it!

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I ran my waverunner over a sandbar :( (it was really hard to see, I swear...) and suddenly lost power. The machine will only reach about 5 to 7 mph and starts to vibrate and make a weird noise...... ( yes, I'm a girl, and yes this is my first watercraft, yes I'm blonde, any other questions???) anyway, so did I totally ruin my machine? Should I not tell my BF who will Kill me if he finds out? Is it possible I can just empty out the sand that was sucked in or something with out anyone knowing........=)??? or do I need to take it to mechanic. I have spent the last couple hours googling "sucking sand impellor waverunner" etc etc, and I think I must be the only one stupid enough to let it happen because I really coudn't find any good info. BTW, I do have tools and can work on the think myself if it is not too involved. No, really, I can.......

Thanks to anyone who takes time to respond.
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found this looking around myself, hope it helps

Sand will be pushed into the cooling system

by the jet pump and can cause overheating of the engine and exhaust due to restricted coolant flow. Running the ski on a flush hose will help push the sand back out of the engine. Rolling the ski over 360 degrees in the water and then starting the engine will help to remove any sand trapped in the bottom of the cylinders cooling passages. Gravel will damage the impeller, impeller housing and guide vanes in the pump. Inspect the pump and remove any gravel that is lodged in the pump

Yeah they can be expensive but instead of buying a new one you can get it re-pitched and re-finished for cheaper and usually with a larger hp gain too. On the other note, yeah stay away from the sand especially with a ski that has open loop cooling.
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