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Good deal?

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I am looking to get a Fx H.O. later in the spring and I was just offered a 94' Sea-Doo XP. Runs fine and I have rode it before. The people that have it now bought it used from a couple that had a lake house. They just put a new $400 trim system on the XP. A few scratches and a few hours. 2 Stroke. $1,000. Is that a good deal or should I offer like $800? There is no trailer included.
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Just remember you are buying a 14 year old ski that is close to being Obsilete!! it is worth whatever you think you can ride out of it! 1,000-800 whatever you need to do a compression check first off and go from there the trim system money dont help its value at all! most off the trim systems quit in the first year anyways,set it at neutral trim and go, this ski is living on borrowed time, GUARANTEED! I can buy these skis allday long for 300-500 dallars! No Joke!
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