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:mad:i just got a rock sucked into my gtx again.i had the same problem happen in the spring and it messed up everything in the jet pump. it took a month of ridding away from me and $900.00 . i just took it out to get some stable in the fuel system so i took it for a short ride around a pond in 50 degree weater with winter clothes on, i sucked up a rock in3' of water...same as last time. i was just going to go home and wax it and get it ready to sit fopr 10 long im screwed again,the dealer who fixed it sucks and i dont want to ever go back there and i cant afford to fix it,i cant even sell it the way it is. i do not know what to do,i take care of this thing like you would not belive..i only use it 5-8 times a year,and wax it when im done. why is it so easy to suck up a rock ,why does it do so much damage without warning.
do they sell anything to keep this from happing again? i hate to sell it ..i wont even make 1/2 my money back and i love this thing but this is too much for me.anyone in the ma. cape cod area know how to fix it? i wont go back to [email protected]$ trhey are stuck up theives who take a month to fix a hours job.
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