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2002 GP and XLT 1200's with about 200 hours each. Have run great every year. Put in water this year and they both have problems getting the aft cylinder to fire. It will fire for several seconds then cut out. I put in fresh fuel, carb cleaner, new plugs and tried to run them. No change. I winterized the same each year - fog cylinders, add fuel additive, but this year they are currently big paperweights. Took them to dealer for a carb overhaul thinking the ethanol gas hurt the carbs. He ran them at on the trailer but couldn't get them to do it - though they were not under load. I put them back in the water and had the same problem - might run for several seconds on 3 cylinders before dropping to 2. I have changed out the fuel filters on both of them when this problem started.

Any help? Dealer said about $600 each for carb job but couldn't be sure if this was the problem.
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