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GP1200 oil injector

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i have a yamaha 97 gp1200

i am thinking of just premixing my gas and not using the injector

can i just drain the oil tank and premix or do i have to remove the oil injector and use a block off plate?

will premixing hurt the carbs?(stock) or do i need to get some special parts for them

what ratio should i mix? oil/gas?

the ski only had 67 hours on it, but i have heard horror stories about the injector going out

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hey. i just bought a 97 yamaha gp1200 on saturday with 100 hrs. it runs great. the previous owner has upgraded alot of it because of stock part problems. the first one he told me about was the oil pump. so there is a block off plate and the premix is 50:1. ther is a problem with the 97 injectors i guess. i think the kit was purchased from

edit: and im not sure about the carbs? im not mechanically inclined i guess you could say. but i hvae 3 riva air filters instead of the stock cooler too. i check the spark plugs after every ride, just to make sure the mix is correct
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