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no you dont have to replace the crank too,, but if the cylinder walls were scarred bad there might be metal shavings in the case, and that will destroy a crank....if anything take the motor apart, clean the cases out and use thesame crank....ive ran oem cranks with 250+hrs on them and they work fine..

you should do the work yourself, its really easy and you'll save a HUGE amount of money..

also no you dont have to go wit a biger piston,,, whoever told you that is wrong... the cylinder has a number on top of it.. they relate to the piston that should be in it....

0-5 =A piston
6-10 =b piston
11-15 =c piston
16-20 =d piston

the only way you would oversize a piston is if you got the jug honed or bored... and dont let the average shop do that to these cylinders, these are nickasil plated and can only be honed correctly with a diamond blade.... if your jug is ruined then just order a new one off of ebay, buy the corresponding piston, and your good to go....

are you running pre-mix? if not you should consider switching or making sure the oil lines are tight on the carbs,,,,, these lines are prone to popping off, then the motor seizes...
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