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I have a 2002 GP1200R that was running weak last year, so rebuilt all three carbs with genuine Mikuni kits and replaced fuel and oil lines at the carbs with correct hose and clamps and replaced fuel filter. It ran lterrific, like a new machine, for several months. Always started easily. Then after sitting for just one week, refused to start. Maybe 40 hours max since the carb rebuild.
-Cranks fine
-Compression 115-120 in all three cylinders
-Spark strong all three cylinders checked with spark gage.
-Even replaced the CDI unit
-I can pull fuel from tank thru the filter with syringe, so all is clear.
-New Plugs
-Plugs don't show fuel after cranking nor is there fuel smell after cranking
-Seems it is not getting fuel.
-Putting small amount of fuel in the plug hole gets one fire.
Any idea why it would suddenly stop getting fuel afterr running very well the week before?
Is there a safe way to give it a small amount of ether through the intake. Seems too dangerous to spray in the hull.
Would appreciate any help....I am at a loss. Don't want to tear the carbs off again if I have no idea why I'm doing it......
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