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GP1300R`05-Water in Cyliner-

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My ski got water in the Cylinders, I took out the plugs & the water shoots of of the x3 cylinders when I try to start-How can I "drain" the water out of the cylinders" or can the water be flushed out?
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Remove the plugs like you did and crank it until no more water shoots out. Then take it out on the water and run it at high RPMs for at least a half hour. The longer the better. That will burn up and get the rid of the remaining moisture.

But do this today as you only have a small window of opportunity before the water starts to rust the motor internally. Then you can kiss your engine goodbye.
Thanks for the info-
Maybe you can help with this aswell- sometimes the exhaust get very hot, seems like its blocked sometimes with debres or sand etc- when I flush it outside the water the water dont come out of the small round hole under the rear step just next to the exhaust hole- how can I clean or open the watercooling system so that it :unblocks" quicker maybe-
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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