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I need some technical assistant from you more experienced mechanics.
Today I took my waverunner out for the first time in months. I have ran it periodically to keep everything lubed and it ran fine.
Today at the beach it ran great for about 30 minutes and then the buzzer went off showing an oil problem. While the alarm was going the gas and oil indicators both showed about half what was actually onboard.
I shut it down and the alarm eventually stopped.
I started it back up and it ran fine for 10 more minutes and then the exact samething happened again.
I shut it down again and the alarm stopped. As I was pushing it back to shore the alarm started buzzing on its own constantly and at a low volume. The speedometer was showing erronious readings and so was the gauge on the right.
The only way I could get the alarm to stop was to unplug wires in the front compartment.
With everyting reconnected It will not come on or start at all now. Like it has no battery in it.
Has anyone seen this before.
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