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am posting on behalf of a friend.

He purchased a GP800 (2003) bog standard.

When the ski was purchased from the a long way away....

The ski turned up, he started the Ski and it ticked over he revved it (blipped the throttle) and it carried on revving flat out, pulled the plug caps off carried on running on heat and fuel and hit the cut off....

He is a carmechanic, decided since the happened he scored the bores, rebuild the motor, new crank seals etc..

Its all back together, started it up, ticks over fine, give it some revs the thing starts to run flat out, but knowing its done this before killed the engine before damage was done. Disconnected the throttle leaver, started the ski and revved by hand closing the butterfly.... same again... revved it nuts off...

It had a manual choke and the choke is closed.... the carbs havent been stripped yet...

He has checked the manifold for leaks gaps etc nothing... starting to run out of ideas...

Sounds like carbs to me as its not the engine, or eleactrics....

Does any one have ideas? do you think the needle is not closing ?

Any ideas? He hasnt stripped the carbs yet...

The previous owner sdaid it ran fine but he would say that?


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