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Hi all,

Im new to PWC's and dont know anything about them. What im wanting to do is use my ski for some tow in surfing, jumping a few waves here and there and just towing round tubes and body boards etc.

My real question is what to buy, I have worked with motorcycles for a long time and have always favoured yamaha, i believe they make great products and have faith in there motors.

I am looking for something that is gonna be reliable as i dont want to get caught out in big surf. I have been looking round on ebay and other for sale websites and have come across the GPR1200 and XLT1200's frequently and cant figure out the difference. So if anyone can pass on some knowledge id be very grateful.

My other question is a four stroke better than a 2 stroke in PWC's? and also is it necessary to have the jetspray out the back of these things as it would be very annoying to any person on the back of ski on rescue sled??

Cheers for any help you may provide!

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