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Hey, first time post here.. Have 2 Yamaha waverunners, put them in the Albemarle Sound for the first time, and sadly sucked a whole ton of grass into the intakes. After wading about a mile out and finding no clearing in the grass, took them out of the water and cleaned them out as best as I could.

Now for my question.. Is there any type of intake that will prevent the intakes from sucking all that grass into them? All I can find in the aftermarket scene are grates with BIGGER openings, which will definitately not work. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...

no there are no other grates with smaller openings......

your eom has bars running the full length, that is the best protection your gonna get......all aftermarket grates are scoop grates,, making the opening smaller would dramatically reduce the performance of the ski....

rule of thumb is dont run your ski in less than 2 feet of water.... any less than 2 feet and theres a big chance you can suck stuff up, even big rocks which will probably destroy your pump and impeller..... stay away from the shallow stuff....
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