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Hey all, Just needing some opinions on buying a new ski!! Hope any one can help me out. I had a polaris MSX150 good fun but ive caused the thing some major issues neerly sending it to the ocean floor. Im looking at getting the Seadoo GTI SE or the kawasaki STX12f. i saw another thread that compared them both but nothing was said about the 07 GTI se with 155 horse power. I can get them both for the same price. ill be using it for tow in surfing, wake boarding and just criusing. I know the GTI se will have a greater top speed but im more worried about how they both perform in surf and at lower speeds... ive also looked at the 15f but im in australia and they are about 2000 more than the doo! would this be better that the sea Doo?

Thanks heaps guys
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