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GTX RFI overheats when flushing

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I am new to skis, and rebuilt a seized 1998 Sea Doo GTX RFI (new OEM crank/pistons, etc). Motor starts up great and then I turn on the hose to flush the system. After about 2-3 minutes, I get the beep for the overheat (continuous).

I have not yet put in the driveshaft, but the jet pump is in the ski and all together. All hoses are connected and crimp-free, and I get water out the exhaust, by the rear hook latch (it sprays out horizontally), and from underneath I think in the grate area.

I should be able to run this longer in the driveway, correct? Any ideas on this, as to what it could be?

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might be a bad sensor
Thanks. If it were a bad sensor, the beep would be from when I start it up, correct? Would there be a 2-3 minute delay?
nope, it is all about resistance
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