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I would just like to ask anyone who have heard of Jet Trax or Toy Rack.
This Lifter does not require PWC trailer. I am thinking of buying one.

I have 2 units PWC. 2009 yamaha fx cruiser HO.
length is 132.7 inches and the width is 48.4 inches.
And Im planning to buy 2010 Toyota Tundra, crew cab ( double cab ). Long Bed 8 feet.

My question is:
1.) Do these 2 PWC fit the Tundra which i like to buy? because your limit is only 131 inches length and 48 inches width.
2.) The Payload of Tundra is only 1,540 lbs. But the PWC is already 805 lbs x 2 = 1610 lbs + Jettrax 550 LBS = 2,160 lbs excluding
our baggage,cargo and passengers which is almost 1,000 lbs. so the total is more or less 3,200 lbs. which will be OVERWEIGHT.
3.) Or do I have to request from Toyota to add or upgrade suspension so that it could carry 3,200 lbs. ?
4.) Are there previous clients of yours done this before using Toyota Tundra, carrying 2 units 805 lbs PWC?

Thank you for any feedbacks :(
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