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Have a weird problem with my Aqua Trax

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Hopefully you guys can help. When i put my lanyard in one day the dash lit up but fuel pump didn't come on nor the started would not work. Jumped it and it started instantly. So then i figured battery was junk so went bought a new battery installed worked fine. Then Recent started doing same thing now i was really confused. So this problem now if i messed with it would work fine. So after i run all day and stopping and starting no problem just randomly the problem happens now. I took apart switch and handlebar stuff only problem i found was buzzer was knocked out and beat up. Still now everyday wake up starts right up? What gives driving me crazy any help would be great! 06 honda aqua trax turbo.
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Try and look at all your connections you may have some corrosion somplace that may be causing this problem. follow all the wires from the battery. somtimes it can be just this simple. also use some electrolitic grease on those fittings. Make sure you check your ground wire. thats the black one off the battery. Email me at [email protected] and i can send you a pdf file for a parts brake down to give you a idea where everything goes.
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